April 18, 2017

Meet the Staff


Coach Heather began her personal gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer career at a young age and achieved success as a Regional Champion in T&T, National Champion in cheer and won 3rd place at Worlds twice.  She has performed in cirque shows with Starz Dinner Theater in Bakersfield and performed for Aerial Experience Productions.

Heather began coaching at 16 years old.   She currently holds a professional membership through USA Gymnastics, is Safety Certified, and participates in continuing education through USA Gymnastics in order to provide Galaxy’s athletes with the best possible training.  Heather has coached Recreational Gymnastics, Pre-Team and Team Gymnastics through Level 5 and T&T Team through Level 8.  Over the years, Heather has coached athletes who have become All-Around State Champions in Gymnastics and Regional Champions in T&T.  Coach Heather loves to help children succeed in athletics, work ethic, and self-esteem.


Sam began his gymnastic career as an athlete where he achieved success as a two-time NCAA vaulting champion, two-time NCAA All-American Gymnast, and national All-Around gymnastics competitor, and earned a college scholarship to UC Fullerton.  After earning his college degree, Sam began an impressive 30 year coaching career where he has trained 8 Olympic gymnasts, 11 international competitors, 100+ USA Junior Olympic gymnasts (Compulsory, Optional, and Elite) at the National, Regional, and State Championship levels.  Galaxy, Sam coaches our Junior Olympic Compulsory and Optional athletes and is well-known for his respectful and level-headed demeanor.  Sam is a professional member of USA Gymnastics and is Safety Certified.


Eduardo began his personal gymnastic career at a young and continued to train and compete in gymnastics for 17 years.  He achieved success as a gymnast in Guatemala where he was on the National Olympic team, was a three-time National Champion, 1st place all-around in the Central American Games and Panamerican Games.   Eduardo began coaching in 1973 where he has trained beginners through Elite gymnasts.  He has been a national team coach for the Guatemalan Olympic Committee and Guatemalan Gymnastics Federation, an assistant boys’ team coach for UCLA, and other notable gyms.  He has helped approximately 12 of his athletes earn college scholarships. Eduardo has participated in extensive gymnastic educational clinics both in the U.S. and abroad.  At Galaxy, Eduardo coaches girls’ team gymnasts, assists with recreational classes while sharing his knowledge and experience with our younger coaches.  He is currently a professional member of USA Gymnastics and is Safety Certified, and is bilingual in Spanish and English.


Lourdes began her personal gymnastic career at 7 years old, where she continued to train and compete for 12 years.  She earned a master’s degree in biochemistry, but her love is coaching gymnastics.  She has coached all levels of gymnasts and has excelled in coaching girls’ team gymnastics.  She has trained State Champions on floor and beam with scores of 9.9 and 9.85.  Lourdes has participated in numerous clinics and educational training camps in gymnastics education and is currently a professional member of USA Gymnastics and is Safety Certified.  Lourdes is bilingual in English and Spanish and loves learning languages.  She is originally from Guatemala, enjoys learning languages, and is crazy about nutrition.  At Galaxy, she coaches our girls’ team athletes and helps develop young gymnasts into future champions!


If you spend any time in the parent viewing area and watch your child’s practice, you have probably noticed Coach Kacey for her enthusiasm and positive attitude (we have seriously never seen her have a bad day).  She started out coaching Parent & Me, Pre-K Gymnastics, Recreational Gymnastics Levels 1-3, and Tumbling.  She excelled in coaching all of these classes and unintentionally acted as a role model for our other coaches and was promoted to the position of Recreational Director.  She now coaches our Girls’ Gymnastics Pre-Teams.  Kacey has helped countless athletes master new skills and the feelings of accomplishment that result from their efforts.  She excels in spotting athletes as they learn new skills and always offers positive encouragement.  Kacey personally participated in gymnastics, T&T, and cheer for ten years.  Kacey is a member of USA Gymnastics, is Safety Certified, and participates in continuing coaching education and training, including attending the 2016 National Congress.


Coach Gillian trained as a competitive gymnast for ten years, and reached Level 10.  She recently retired from competing in gymnastics to pursue school sports.  Gillian is enthusiastic about sharing her love of gymnastics by being a great coach to children, and keeps them challenged and having fun in class.  Gillian continues to impress all of us at Galaxy at the seemingly natural talent she has for coaching.  She provides meaningful instruction and always offers positive encouragement.  Currently, Gillian coaches Pre-K, Girls’ Levels 1 and 2 Recreational Gymnastics, and Girls’ Pre-Team.  She is currently a member of USA Gymnastics and participates in continuing education.


Alyssa began her athletic career as a tumbler and cheerleader when she was 12 years old, and she has not stopped to this day.  Currently, she is on the cheer team at Bakersfield College.  Throughout her career, she was won multiple state championships and has been her team’s cheer captain.  Alyssa is a natural leader who works amazingly well with children.  She is caring, patient, and funny and ensures that her classes have fun while progressing in gymnastics and tumbling.  We would have to say that when a child gets to ring the bell for achieving a new skill, Alyssa is equally as excited as her athlete.  Alyssa is currently a member of USA Gymnastics, is Safety Certified and CPR Certified.  She participates in continuing education and training pertaining to coaching gymnastics, including attending the 2016 National Congress.


Hannah began participating in gymnastics and cheer when she was three years old.  She was a competitive gymnast for eight years and a competitive cheerleader for six years.  On her high school cheer team, she was awarded Most Dedicated three years in a row and Most Spirited.  Hannah currently coaches pre-k gymnastics and girls’ pre-team gymnastics.  Hannah is kind-hearted and very knowledgeable in coaching gymnastics, and her athletes are “frequent bell-ringers” for achieving new skills.  She is currently a USA Gymnastics member and participates in continuing education and training pertaining to coaching gymnastics, including attending the 2016 National Congress.


Having two talented gymnastics coaches for parents, it is no surprise that Itzel has spent a majority of her childhood in the gym.  She began training and competing in gymnastics when she was 7 years old and continued through Level 8.  Itzel won a Regional Championship on vault.  She has decided to share her love and knowledge of gymnastics with young athletes and has joined Galaxy as a girls’ recreational gymnastics coach for Pre-K, Level 1, and Level 2 classes.  She is a talented and dedicated coach and inspires her athletes to always try their best and have fun.  Itzel is currently a member of USA Gymnastics and participates in continuing education and training pertaining to gymnastics.


Cheyenne began participating in competitive cheer when she was five years old, and continued for twelve consecutive years.  She has earned a multi-national championship and has participated in numerous Worlds competitions for cheer.  One of her strengths (and passions) in cheer was tumbling, which she continues to do.  Cheyenne began coaching in 2011, and she loves helping children gain new skills.  She is notable for being a great coach and for her ability to spread giggles everywhere she goes.  She is a member of USA Gymnastics, is Safety Certified, and participates in continuing education and training in coaching gymnastics and tumbling.  Cheyenne enjoys maintaining a healthy diet and staying active physically and mentally.


Natalie began learning gymnastics and tumbling when she was eight years old, and continued to train and compete through Level 6.  She began learning dance when she was five years old, and focused on tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, Latin ballroom, and island Polynesian over an eight year period, two of which she was a competitive dancer, and was also a collegiate dancer.  As a gymnast, Natalie has won numerous All-Around titles in interstate competitions, and as a dancer has won several team competitions at State meets.  Because her family travelled in the military, Natalie has trained as a gymnast in Japan, Germany, Italy, and the U.S., including a week at the Karolyi Ranch in Texas as a Level 5 gymnast.   

As a coach, Natalie focuses on being a motivational and active coach.  She is certified in First Aid, USAG’s Safety and Risk Management, and USAG’s Safe Sport.  She participates in continuing coaching education in gymnastics and tumbling.  Natalie is bilingual in Spanish and English.


Zach began participating in gymnastics when he was five years old, and continued for eight years.  He was a dedicated and determined athlete who competed Level 7 and trained at Level 8.  As a Level 6 gymnast, he set Bakersfield’s All-Around record (91.1 points).  His ability to teach children is remarkable, and has worked with children for many years as a volunteer at his church.  As a coach, he excels in keeping athletes excited about learning new skills.  Zach is a member of USA Gymnastics and is Safety Certified.  He continues to participate in ongoing training and education on coaching techniques.


Kaitlyn began learning gymnastics when she was four years old, and continued for nine years.  Kaitlyn was one of Galaxy’s original 12 gymnasts, and trained and competed through Level 7.  Following her gymnastics career, Kaitlyn went on to do Varsity Dive for two years and attended the Valley Championships both years.  In addition to her athletic accomplishments, she is involved in ASB and Art Club at her school, and volunteers weekly at the Bakersfield SPCA.  She currently coaches Pre-K Gymnastics, Beginning and Intermediate Gymnastics.  She enjoys making her classes as fun as possible while coaching at a progressive pace.  Kaitlyn has always been an impressive individual and we are happy to have her coaching with us!


Allie began taking gymnastics classes when she was four years old, and continued for about six years.  She later applied her gymnastics background to other competitive activities (dance and color guard) and won a DCI Colorguard Championship Gold Medal in 2016.  She has enjoyed traveling to numerous competitions throughout the United States, including Arizona, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and more.  She began coaching two years ago and excels when working with children.  Allie is a member of USA Gymnastics and is Safety Certified.  She also participates in continuing education pertaining to coaching gymnastics and tumbling.


Kennedy began gymnastics when she was four years old and continued for 11 more years.  She competed for eight years and trained Level 10.  Kennedy was the 2015 Level 9 State Beam Champion with a score of 9.75.  Participating in gymnastics taught her the true meaning of dedication and has shown her real-life examples of how hard work pays off.  Although Kennedy is somewhat new to coaching, she is already impressing her mentors because of her patience and kindness, her technical knowledge of the sport and ability to coach gymnastics well, and her motivating spirit. 


Emmanuel brings smiles to all of his classes.  His goal for each class he coaches is to create an environment for all of his athletes to have fun and be safe, resulting in many smiles every day.  He coaches Gymnastics, Tumbling, and Ninja Kids courses.  Emmanuel’s athletic background is in cheer, tumbling, colorguard, and dance.  Emmanuel is a member of USA Gymnastics, is Safety Certified, and participates in continuing education pertaining to coaching gymnastics, tumbling, and ninja.