October 11, 2012

Girls Gymnastics

Girls’ gymnastics is well known for being the most beautiful combination of gracefulness, strength, and power and is the most anticipated of all Olympic sports.  Galaxy’s Recreational Gymnastics programs are designed to provide your daughter with a fun, positive learning experience that will encourage her to grow as an athlete and individual.  Our recreational programs empower our athletes by creating healthy habits, confidence, goal-setting, dedication, determination, and resiliency while participating in the best workout available for developing physical fitness, agility, strength, flexibility, and spatial awareness.

Classes are designed to keep athletes challenged and excited about gymnastics!  Galaxy’s coaches are always monitoring our athletes’ progress and will make recommendations for advancement into a higher level once she has safely mastered the required skills of her current level.  Recreational gymnastics is available to girls ages 5 and up.

Girls Level 1 Beginning Recreational Classes

Girls Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Classes

Girls Level 3 Advanced Recreational Classes

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