April 18, 2017

Boys Gymnastics

Galaxy’s Boys Gymnastics program is designed to provide your child with a fun, high-energy learning experience that will encourage him to grow as an athlete and individual. Our classes promote goal-setting, determination, dedication, resiliency, athleticism, healthy habits, and confidence through quality coaching.  We welcome beginners with no prior experience to intermediate and advanced athletes who already love this sport!

Boys Gymnastics is well known for developing speed, strength, and power – all of which will create the strongest foundation for advanced gymnastics and all other sports.  Boys who participate in soccer, hockey, baseball, pole vaulting, football, basketball, karate, parkour, snowboarding, and many other sports benefit greatly from gymnastics training because of the accelerated development of physical fitness, agility, strength, flexibility, and spatial awareness.  If you want to give your son a head-start for all other sports, Galaxy’s gymnastic classes are the best place to start.

Level 1 is an introductory/beginning class, Level 2 is an intermediate class, and Level 3 is an advanced class.  After progressing through Level 3, athletes will be invited onto Boys Gymnastics Pre-Team where they will train and prepare move up to Boys Competitive Team and compete at Level 4.